“Monday” with Kevin Porter

August 26, 2017

Dave is joined by Kevin Porter of the Gilmore Guys podcast to discuss episode 12 "Monday".


“The Christmas Show” with Noah Smith

August 18, 2017

Dave is joined by comedian and author Noah Smith (@smithnoah) to discuss the not-bad Christmas episode.


“B-12″ with Jim Hegarty

August 12, 2017

Dave is joined by television professional Jim Hegarty (@JimHegarty @SameBatTimePod) to discuss episode 10.


“The Option Period” with Dave Sirus

August 4, 2017

Dave is joined by former SNL writer Dave Sirus (@DaveSirus) to discuss episode 9 "The Option Period", among other things.


“Nevada Day, Part 2″

July 28, 2017

Dave spends some time alone with "Nevada Day, Part 2"


“Nevada Day, Part 1″ with Jim Bruce

July 21, 2017

Dave and Jim Bruce (@ComicJimBruce) discuss the first half of the "Nevada Day" two-parter from inside a legal brothel.


“The Wrap Party” with Paul Goebel

July 14, 2017

Dave is joined by the King of TV Paul Goebel (@PaulGoebelShow) to yell about episode 6.


“The Long Lead Story” with Ed Ackerman

July 7, 2017

Dave is joined by actor Ed Ackerman (@Ed_Ackerman) to discuss the amusing diversion that is Episode 5.


“The West Coast Feed” with Robert Yasumura

July 1, 2017

Dave is joined by Robert Yasumura (@TeamYasumura) to discuss episode 4 "The West Coast Feed", as well as joke thievery.


“The Focus Group” with George Caleodis

June 23, 2017

George Caleodis (Party Down, The James Corden Primetime Special) joins Dave to discuss episode 3, as well as the challenges of doing a weekly topical comedy show.